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Moondog Growlers


We’ve been fans of craft beer for a very long time. So when we discovered in 2011 that brewpubs and breweries across the country actually sell their beer to customers straight from the tap using something called a “growler,” we were intrigued. The idea being able to put our favorite craft brews from the tap into bottles, take them home and then bring the bottles back for refills? Well, we wanted in on that. The question was, could we do it in the Atlanta area?

We did some research, and – joy! A number of jurisdictions around here are “growler-friendly,” and judging by the multitude of beer blogs, publications, beer pairing restaurant specials, and other beer-oriented stuff going on, it appears that we weren’t the only people in Atlanta looking for ways to expand our craft beer horizons. So we put our heads together, and Moondog Growlers was born.

MoondogToday, we’re excited about selling great beer in a unique way, but we’ve done more than that. We’ve become a place where craft beer lovers can go to get all sorts of beer, from “favorites” and seasonal beers to rare and Southeast specialties and where seasoned enthusiasts and newbies alike can share their love of craft beer—and even hang out for a pint at our Dunwoody Growler & Pour House! Don't forget to bring "Fido" - we are dog friendly (if your dog is friendly!!)

PLEASE NOTE: This location does not serve food (except for snacks like pretzels) but you are welcome to bring food or have food delivered to enjoy with your beverage!