Thanks to Atlanta's burgeoning film scene, Dunwoody has made an appearance in several movies and TV shows lately, all of which you've certainly seen and treasured. Yes, this means our city is famous. Yes, we've already purchased our Academy Awards outfit from Perimeter Mall on the off-chance we'll be invited. No, the Awards people have not returned our calls. But our mom has, and she's very proud. You might be too, once we tell you all about it.

"Baby Driver" (2017)

Baby Driver Perimeter Trust
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Look for: Perimeter Center, Ashford Dunwoody Rd

This Edgar Wright action flick grossed $194.2 million in the box office this year probably due to it being filmed in Dunwoody. Baby-faced Ansel Elgort of "Fault in Our Stars" plays a getaway driver who attempts to turn over a new leaf when he finds love (Lily James). Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx and others make an appearance, and so does a former bank branch on Ashford Dunwoody Road near Perimeter Mall.

"Miracles from Heaven" (2016)

Miracles from Heaven Movie
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Look for: Dunwoody Elementary School

In this film, Jennifer Garner plays a mom who is fighting to save her daughter's life from an uncommon disease. We won't spoil it but Garner's daughter maybe visits heaven and maybe recovers, in that order. Dunwoody Elementary School fits somewhere in between. Ben Affleck does not, but we wish the best for the two of them.

"Trouble with the Curve" (2012)

Clint Eastwood Baseball

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Look for: Dunwoody High School's Baseball Field

Dunwoody High School's original claim to fame is through Ryan Seacrest, but then there was that one time when Clint Eastwood showed up to film a movie on their baseball field. As if that wasn't cool enough, Mr. Eastwood also took pictures with members of the Dunwoody Police Department and signed souvenir baseballs that were later auctioned in support of the Special Olympics. What a guy.

"The Leisure Seeker" (2017)

The Leisure Seeker
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Look for: Dunwoody High School

In this film, Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland take a road trip to Key West in a vintage RV affectionately named "The Leisure Seeker." Dunwoody High School served as the base for the production, according to Of note, Dunwoody is a great option if you are seeing leisure. Who needs the beach when you have spas and parks and shopping?


"Mother's Day" (2016)

Dunwoody Tavern in Mother's Day

Look for: Dunwoody Tavern

This is a feel good movie about three generations coming together in the weeks leading up to, you guessed it, Mother's Day. Dunwoody Tavern gives a stunning performance in it alongside Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Sudeikis. Even though you probably won't have a celebrity bartender,  a visit to Dunwoody Tavern still comes highly recommended. 

"Identity Thief" (2013)

Melissa McCarthy Identity Thief
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Look for: Perimeter Mall

The incomparable Melissa McCarthy steals Jason Bateman's identity in this outrageous crime + comedy film. It was shot at Dunwoody's Perimeter Mall, the second largest mall in the Southeast. We've shopped there many a time! We are basically best friends with Melissa McCarthy!


"Spider Man: Homecoming" (2017)

Spiderman Homecoming

Look for: Embassy Suites by Hilton Atlanta Perimeter Center

When you visit Dunwoody, you will see many things: our infamous geese, the Everything Will Be OK mural, and maybe even a superhero. Don't freak out, but Spiderman was spotted at our Embassy Suites hotel. Rumor has it that if you stay at one of our hotels, you will inherit superpowers. To that we say, there's only one way to find out.

"Caffeine and Octane"

Caffeine and Octane TV Teaser

Look for: Perimeter Mall parking lot

"Caffeine and Octane TV Series," featuring North America's largest monthly car show, is filmed right here in Dunwoody at the Perimeter Mall parking lot. More than 15,000 fans from all over come to Dunwoody the first Sunday morning of every month to view exotic cars of all kinds. Baby Driver himself has not yet made an appearance, but the Subaru WRX that he drove did! 

Baby Driver Subaru

"The DUFF" (2017)

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Look for: Perimeter Mall

Breakout star Perimeter Mall is back at in in this teenage comedy that also features Mae Whitman and Bella Thorne but most importantly Perimeter Mall.

That's a Wrap

That's All Folks Gif

For now, at least. This is only the beginning of Dunwoody's foray into film. Look out for the production crews around the Atlanta area and give us a shout @VisitDunwoody on Twitter if you spot Dunwoody on the silver screen.