The sights and sounds of the season are everywhere and so are the smells. "What does summer smell like?" you may ask. To us it smells like summer cookouts. It's that wafting smell of something coming from the grill. Leave the grilling to someone else and follow your nose to Dunwoody where the barbecue and burgers are delightful and delicious. 

During the summer, there are usually a handful of BBQ festivals that come to town, but for a more reliable option, a trip to Memphis Barbecue Company is just the fix. We suggest starting off with their most popular appetizer, the BBQ nachos. Enjoy fresh fried chips piled with pulled pork (or pulled chicken, or brisket), BBQ sauce, queso dip, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, and sour cream. Sounds A-MAZING, right? From there you can work your way to the preferred entree of your choice: pulled pork, beef brisket, baby back ribs, and more. Throw in a side of mac and cheese or red beans and rice and you are well on your way to a food coma. Feel like walking on the wild side? Try their donut burger. 

Memphis BBQ Food

If it's burgers that you seek, the juiciest ones you shall find in Dunwoody! We even have an unconventional burger option that will stimulate both your taste buds and your brain.

Village Burger has a large selection of not just burgers, but hot dogs too. And they have a breakfast menu stacked with French toast, bacon, sausage, homemade biscuits, and other savory early morning foods - but let's get back to the burgers. They were voted best burger in Dunwoody after all.

Village Burger Food

All burgers are fresh, never frozen, and made to order with your favorite toppings. They are especially tasty when paired with VB's seasoned or salted, hand-cut fries. A meal here costs $10, and if that's not desirable enough, then how about this: Village Burger also serves frozen custard. Order a shake, sundae, or concrete because ice cream season is finally upon us.

At Farm Burger, ethical eating is made easy. Their burgers are made from grass-fed beef, free from all antibiotics and growth hormones. The amount of options to build your own burger are quite generous and they have everything from the traditional farm burger to veggie quinoa, chicken, and pork burgers. Their menu also contains bonus summer snacks like boiled peanuts and sweet potato hush puppies with apple butter.  "Yum" is right. This Dunwoody location shares a space with Morelli's Gourmet Ice Cream and Desserts so you can top off your good eats with a sweet treat.

Farm Burger/Morelli's Ice Cream
(photo by Becky Stein, Access Atlanta)

Remember that unconventional burger option we mentioned earlier? That would be Cowfish - a one-of-a-kind dining experience that proudly fuses burgers and sushi on the same menu, and sometimes the same plate. This burger sushi bar has a very fun and contemporary atmosphere and you will definitely want to ask for their menu presentation. You must try their "burgushi" which is best described as a burger sushi roll. Trust us, you'll love it. But if that's not your thing, there is plenty more burger-y goodness to choose from.

Burgushi at Cowfish

Now is the time where you close out of this blog and head to one (or judgement here) of these listed places. All three restaurants offer patio dining, so gather your favorite people and head 10 miles outside of Atlanta on a sunny day for some good food and good times. Remember: summer is here for the next few months, so this is a trip that can and should happen several times over.