It's no secret - we love food. Food makes us happy. It keeps us alive. It's the cornerstone of any celebratory event, and it brings people together. We think that food itself should be celebrated. So much that we devoted an entire week to it. Calling all foodies! Dunwoody's most delicious week of the year is BACK. Join us June 10-17 as we kickoff the 6th Annual Dunwoody Restaurant Week!

So why is Dunwoody Restaurant Week the best week ever? All week long, 26 participating restaurants will offer their best deals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even drink specials are up for grubs - oops, we mean grabs. Check out the menus beforehand so you can devise your meal plan ahead of time! And if you need more convincing, here are 5 more reasons to you should dine in Dunwoody for #DRW17:

1. You can skip the brown bag lunches.

Novo Cucina Dish

Say no to sad salads and soggy sandwiches and have something like this instead.  With such a diverse menu of restaurants to choose from, lunchtime just got a lot more exciting.

2. No groceries, no dishes, no worries.

Food Happy Dance

Ditching responsibilities is AWESOME, and quite frankly, this is something we adults don't get to do. So take advantage of not cooking and cleaning for a whole week but don't be surprised if you forget what your kitchen looks like.

3. Try your hand at amateur food blogging.

Food Selfie

You had the citrus glazed salmon with marcona almonds and brown butter from Capital Grille last night? Food selfie or it didn't happen. And how else will you remember all the amazing new dishes you tried and loved? Include #DRW17 and #DunwoodyRestaurantWeek in your posts so we can share and feast our eyes too!

4. You can get out of the office.

Ladies at Alons

Lucky for you, Dunwoody is only 10 miles outside of Atlanta so you can venture out and still get back in time for that afternoon meeting. Better yet, just make it a lunch meeting!

5. You can finally cross some places off your restaurant bucket list.

We all have one. The place that just opened up around the corner or the restaurant that always smells amazing when you pass by it after leaving the gym. Well now is your chance. There's a wide variety to choose from: small bistros, locally-owned favorites, and big chains!

Older Couple Getaway

Long story short, Dunwoody Restaurant Week gives you the opportunity to enjoy some good eats at some really good prices. This is one of those things we could tell you about all day long, but it's a lot more fun if you come here and experience it! Our restaurant scene is one of the many reasons visitors come back to Dunwoody time and time again. Don't just take our word for it. We already saved you a seat.